About Florida Healthy Youth Alliance

Our Mission

The Mission of the Florida Healthy Youth Alliance is to champion the health and well-being of Florida youth with a focus on supporting  medically accurate, inclusive, trauma-informed, and culturally competent sexual health  education in grades K-12. This statewide initiative, comprised of dedicated health  professionals, recognizes the importance of individual school districts  independently selecting and tailoring programs to meet the needs of  their students. The Alliance aims to assist school-based staff by  providing accurate information, resources and guidance based on  research and best practices. 

Our Vision

All Florida students will have access to quality, medically accurate, inclusive and culturally competent sexual health education to increase  healthy relationships and decrease unplanned pregnancy, STIs/HIV, and  sexual violence.  

Our Goals

  1. Maintain an easily accessible website with medically accurate information regarding the need, research and best practices to implement effective sexual health education. 
  2. Advocate to ensure Florida school districts retain ability to independently select sexual health education programs that meet their students’ needs.
  3. Ensure Florida schools have access to the resources, tools and research-supported (or evidence-informed) guidance needed to implement medically accurate sexual health education.